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Some frequently
asked questions

We use a time tested, proprietary and 100% mathematical algorithm to look for very statistically uneven team match ups. Our system evaluates more than 30 data points of information on each team and to identify the best opportunities. Only the highest rated (most unevenly matched) games become recommendations which we call “Signals”. There is no human emotional input. We do not use handicappers.

We currently offer recommendations for the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB).

The federal ban on sports wagering was lifted in May of 2018. Many states have no state legislation governing sports wagering. Many states are specifically authorizing casinos and other businesses to engage in sports wagering. There are also many legitimate offshore betting companies that have been in operation for years. 
Click here to find out more about the legalization of sports wagering state-by-state >

We don’t. We offer, in place of a free trial, several years of historical data to show when the signals were made and the results of those games. We call it our “Proof.”

If you use our system as prescribed and your annual winnings aren’t positive, we’ll refund the full amount of your subscription.  No questions asked.  We haven’t had a losing year for our subscribers in 20 consecutive years!

With the legalization of Sports Gambling many States have already fully authorized their residents to get in on the action. The timing is now right for a product like this to be offered to the general public. The founders made the decision to allow this product to be made public on a limited basis which is why you now have this amazing opportunity to participate!

What other subscribers are saying

The algorithm is, and has been, a proven money-making opportunity with great potential. I have been involved for less than one year, but I have 100% confidence in the system.
Columbus, OH
Wicked smart, straightforward sports trading app that delivers sports recommendations like clockwork. Tried the rest and this is the best –– all I’m using moving forward.
Phoenix, AZ
I stick to the picks and it's the best bet I can make year in and year out. If you look at this like an asset class it will turn out great. Bottomline is it's predictable and profitable!
Chicago, IL
The software is sound and reliable because it only produces minimal plays that are very strategically formulated. Great results for the last 12 months.
New York, NY
I love the fact that their games are 100% numbers driven which take the human emotion right out of the equation. I'm very happy with how things are going.
Boston, MA
We've followed the system for 5 years and the sports recommendations the software generated blew us away. Amazing potential winning ratios and % of ROI delivered.
Toronto, CAN

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