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Some commonly
asked questions

We don’t, but we do offer the past several years of historical data showing the signals, when they were made, the results of those games and the triple digit returns.

We use a time tested, proprietary and 100% mathematical algorithm to look for very statistically uneven team match ups. Our system evaluates more than 30 data points of information on each team and looks for good opportunities. Only the highest rated (most unevenly matched) games become a recommendation. There is no human emotional input. We do not use handicappers. We have been utilizing this system regularly for more than 20 years.

We currently offer recommendations for the National Football League (NFL), The National Basketball Association (NBA), and Major League Baseball (MLB).

The federal ban on sports wagering was lifted in May of 2018. Many states have no state legislation governing sports wagering.  Many states are specifically authorizing casinos and other businesses to engage in sports wagering. There are also many legitimate offshore betting companies that have been in operation for years. Please check with any specific state or local prohibitions on sports wagering.

Once a subscriber, you will receive notices on the ScoreGenix App at least 3 hours prior to game times.  Each recommendation will include the team to wager on and the recommended amount to wager based on a % of your established Score Factor. You then make the wager at the venue of choice.

With the legalization of Sports Wagering many states have already fully authorized their residents to get in on the action. The timing is now right for a product like this to be offered to the general public. The founders made the decision to allow this product to be made public on a limited basis which is why you now have this amazing opportunity to participate.